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  1. Friday Streamer Feature - NatoPotato


    This week we spoke to NatoPotato, NatoPotato has been a long time AKFam member and we are so pleased to be able to feature him. NatoPotato is hilarious, and we think he even gives Shaggy_Steve a run for his money in regards to his epic stache. 

    Origin of gamer name:

    The story begins back in the summer of 2013 after a hard night out playing shows with my old band and possibly after a few too many “happy” drinks. I awoke the next morning in a daze and with a splitting headache, probably from all that headbanging no doubt. I stumbled my way into the kitchen to find my mum making breakfast and the first thing she said was “Good morning NatoPotato!” It took a little bit for it to sink in but eventually, it hit me, “NatoPotato” that’s a fantastic name! From that day I vowed

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  2. Friday Streamer Feature - SuzzieJacuzzi

    This week we feature one of our newer AKFam members - SuzzieJacuzzi

    Origins of your gamer name:

    I started gaming as a Christmas Black Ops 1 noob - originally going by the name ‘theno0bdotcom’ - after playing on Black Ops 2 map “Hijacked” a heap, and spending most of the map camping in the “jacuzzi’s” the boys I was playing with at the time came up with the name “SuzzieJacuzzi” and it’s stuck ever since... 

    What influenced you to stream?

    Watching one of my long-time online friends “ZombieslvBacon” stream &

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  3. Friday Streamer Feature - peachpotion_

    This week we have had the pleasure of asking one of our latest AKFam members - peachpotion a few questions about her streaming career. 

    The Origins of Peachpotion's Gamer Names:

    For the longest time I was known as Robotlicious, this was not only long-winded but mispronounced as "Robotolicious" by pretty much everyone. For this reason, I bounced between a lot of different trials, a lot based around my hair colour and love of animals (eg. FoxHair Fire") but I never felt overly connected or attached to any. When I finally decided I wanted to stream and focus a lot more on my gaming alias I decided to re-brand and had to put a lot of thought into what I wanted to change to. Ultimately Peachpotion came from the time I lived in Japan for 6 months - I was obsessed with all of their peach flavoured drinks!

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