The Origins of MissDeusGeek

The name actually came about because of my partner, Tom, whose online handle was ‘ThatLegendTom’. He would always be referred to as ‘the legend’, so to mess with him I decided to find a name that incorporated something greater than a legend and ‘Deus’, which means God or divine in Latin, fit the bill. ‘Deus’ also sounds similar to my initials, D.S. AND relates to the popular game, Deus Ex, as well as a notable character in an anime I enjoy, Future Diary. The ‘Miss’ was simply to show that I’m female and ‘Geek’, well I thought it best to have that since I founded and ran the pop culture brand, Attack On Geek.

What influenced you to stream?:

I was introduced to the world of streaming by Tom and some others who streamed for the Microsoft ExpertZone GameMasters programme. As s

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