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  1. Friday Streamer Feature - SuzzieJacuzzi

    This week we feature one of our newer AKFam members - SuzzieJacuzzi

    Origins of your gamer name:

    I started gaming as a Christmas Black Ops 1 noob - originally going by the name ‘theno0bdotcom’ - after playing on Black Ops 2 map “Hijacked” a heap, and spending most of the map camping in the “jacuzzi’s” the boys I was playing with at the time came up with the name “SuzzieJacuzzi” and it’s stuck ever since... 

    What influenced you to stream?

    Watching one of my long-time online friends “ZombieslvBacon” stream &

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  2. Friday Streamer Feature - peachpotion_

    This week we have had the pleasure of asking one of our latest AKFam members - peachpotion a few questions about her streaming career. 

    The Origins of Peachpotion's Gamer Names:

    For the longest time I was known as Robotlicious, this was not only long-winded but mispronounced as "Robotolicious" by pretty much everyone. For this reason, I bounced between a lot of different trials, a lot based around my hair colour and love of animals (eg. FoxHair Fire") but I never felt overly connected or attached to any. When I finally decided I wanted to stream and focus a lot more on my gaming alias I decided to re-brand and had to put a lot of thought into what I wanted to change to. Ultimately Peachpotion came from the time I lived in Japan for 6 months - I was obsessed with all of their peach flavoured drinks!

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  3. Friday Streamer Feature - AngryWolf6

    This week we are featuring one of our community members - ANGRYWOLF6

    Origins of Name:

    My name originated from my Gamertag back on the Xbox360, I first had it as AngerWolf6 because I misspelled 'AngryWolf6' and changed it a day later. When I started streaming I just stuck with the name as it was easier to find me on Xbox with the same name as Twitch.
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  4. Friday Streamer Feature - Puddzee

    Origins of Name:

    My name originated from when I played World of Warcraft as a teenager. The name started out as Ipuddles and then after many alts became Puddzee. When I started YouTube I decided to go with Puddzee and continued to use it when I started streaming.

    What influenced you to stream:

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  5. Friday Streamer Feature - SnackyHan


     This week we were delighted to chat with one of our favourite #akfam members - Snacky Han, we discuss the origins of where her streamer name came from and it couldn't be more fitting for this donut loving lady. Have a read below to read more and feel free to drop into her next stream!

    Origins of Name: 

    SnackyHan: My partner was the one to come up with my name. I started this thing when I was hungry. I would incessantly say that I was “Snacky”. One day he called me “Snacky Han” & it made me laugh because it sou

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  6. Friday Streamer Feature - AnnaPlayz

    This week we spoke to Anna from the AnnaPlayz_ stream. We've known Anna for quite some time and we have enjoyed watching her grow as a streamer over the last couple of years. We were even fortunate to have met Anna at PAX 2017 and had the pleasure of having Anna be one of our official affiliates too. Read more about Anna below.


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  7. Friday Streamer Feature - The Real El Doucho

    This week we speak to The Real El Doucho, The Real El Doucho has been an AKFam member for quite some time and loves to rep our chairs! Check out what he is currently up to and where to catch his Twitch stream.

    Origins of Name:

    TRED: Here's a bit of a history lesson with the Doucho on the origin of my name (and before) - before my Twitch/PC days I used to play on PS4. I was known as King SC5S since I owned a 2005 Honda Integra Type S, coming into PC Gaming I thought I'd leave that chapter behind as I sold my car. One day I was atching the Netflix Series "El Chapo" and thought to myself having El at the front of my name would be pretty funny (At this stage my name was Douchebag69 for a bit of a meme). Over the weeks I was juggling the decisio

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  8. Friday Streamer Feature - Tamsinwood

    This week we feature long time AKRacing Fam Member - Tamsin Wood. You've probably seen Tamsin pop up in your timeline for all things gaming, but recently we've noticed her Health Kick and we are so happy to see her doing so well with her challenges.

    Origins of Gamer tag/name:

    TW: Tamsin Wood is my name!

    What influenced you to stream?

    TW: Before I began streaming I would often play Destiny with my friends, usually raiding while having a great time laughing and creating friendships. I wanted others to be a part of the fun and experience just how great Destiny could be.

    Experience in working with bra

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  9. Friday Streamer Feature - Miggiato

    Hello AK Fam, welcome to this week’s installment of Friday Streamer Feature.

    This week we speak to one of our OG AKRacing affiliates Miggiato.

    We were fortunate enough to meet the beautiful Miggiato back at Pax 2017 and unfortunately haven't crossed paths again. Have a read below to learn more about Miggiato and catch her stream.

    Origins of Gamer tag/name Miggiato

    M:Origin of my name. When I was thinking of a name I didn't want it to be anything girly (which is my personal preference) I wanted something short, memorable, easy to use and something that would also reflect me. If it wasn't going to about snacks it would be about coffee lol

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  10. Friday Streamer Feature - ScubaEdge

    Welcome to this weeks installment of Feature Friday - this week we chat to streamer ScubaEdge.Whilst ScubaEdge has only been on our radar for a short time he has been into gaming for most of his life and in time he has built an epic community around his twitch, Twitter and Instagram. To read up more about ScubaEdge please check out these interesting facts below.

    Origins of gamer tag/name ScubaEdge:

    SE: I’ve been getting called Scuba for nearly 20 years, it all goes back to when I was in school and my friend at the time recently got back from seeing the Adam Sandler movie called Big Daddy, you know the one where the kid has an action figure called Scuba Steve. With my name being Steve naturally, my friends started calling me Scuba Steve. It kind of just stuck and a

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