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  1. Feature Streamer - Miss Zangz

    Feature Streamer - Miss Zangz

    The Origins of Your Gamer Tag/Name:

    I used to get called Zangz in High School (a nickname because of my last name) and so I just adopted that!


    What are you currently playing?:

    I’m currently playing World of Warcraft and have been for the past 16 years or so! I also love to play Zelda (BotW currently but also LOVE revisiting previous ones), Pokémon Shield/Go, Minecraft plus many more. 


    Top tips for new and existing streamers:

    I would say the best thing is to stay consistent with any content you are creating. The more you create and express yourself and stay engaged with your audience, the more successful you will become. But don’t overload yourself and get too stressed out, keep it fun!


    Social links:

    Instagram - @miss_zangz

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  2. Friday Streamer Feature - MissDeusGeek

    The Origins of MissDeusGeek

    The name actually came about because of my partner, Tom, whose online handle was ‘ThatLegendTom’. He would always be referred to as ‘the legend’, so to mess with him I decided to find a name that incorporated something greater than a legend and ‘Deus’, which means God or divine in Latin, fit the bill. ‘Deus’ also sounds similar to my initials, D.S. AND relates to the popular game, Deus Ex, as well as a notable character in an anime I enjoy, Future Diary. The ‘Miss’ was simply to show that I’m female and ‘Geek’, well I thought it best to have that since I founded and ran the pop culture brand, Attack On Geek.

    What influenced you to stream?:

    I was introduced to the world of streaming by Tom and some others who streamed for the Microsoft ExpertZone GameMasters programme. As s

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  3. Friday Feature - MrNightlife & XoMazzy

    The Origins of Our Gamer Names:

    MrNightlife: My First ever Gaming Name was Gavman1991 and I had that for a long time growing up. I even used it for my first few months streaming on Xbox when I first started. When I founded Nightlifecrew in 2016 as a Gaming Community however I switched to that as a name. As time went on however Nightlifecrew started to expand into a content creation team as well and so it was not obviously going to make sense having our team called Nightlifecrew and also me. So I pitched the challenge to my community and said what should we know rebrand as. They brought their best ones and voted and so formed MrNightlife which sounded catchy and I

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  4. Friday Streamer Feature - Plodski

    The Origins of Plodski:

    So, because I walk with a slight trudge and am known to never give up ever, Plodding along is what I do without ever yielding to anything or anyone without a great personal toll to myself (sleep is a foreign concept to me).

    The Ski part is from the fact apparently my Russian accent I can put on is pretty good and people seem to enjoy it (it so happens that Plodski is a polish last name which has led to several amusing conversations with polish people coming into my channel)

    What influenced you to stream?:

    Started off with watching twitch years ago during the Metal Gear Solid 5 release Speedrun stream that Konami had setup with the whole series leading up to the worldwide release (how the mighty have fallen) and I was like “wow I could do that”, I was pretty pum

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  5. Friday Streamer Feature - MissZee

    The Origins of MissZee:

    This is an easy one, that surprisingly shocks a lot of people. MissZee is a play on 'Missy' and a nickname given to me, Zee, which comes from my real name, Zoe. I've used it my whole life so it's safe to say it has stuck!

    What influenced you to stream?:

    I've gamed and been in love with the gaming/geek culture for as long as I can remember. But. honestly, streaming was something I NEVER considered until a friend one day, during a game of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, asked me if I ever considered it. I was sadly going through a very tough separation at the time so it was a great distraction from that and frankly, therapeutic. After a few google searches and Youtube tutorials, I went live on Mixer with ZERO expectations. I really threw my whole self in

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  6. Friday Streamer Feature - Since Spacies

    Introducing akfam member - Since Spacies! Read on for more fun facts!

    The Origins of ...Since Spacies Gamer Name:

    Back in 1979 a very small boy climbed up on a milk crate in a milk bar to see what was inside that machine with the scary looking monster on the other side. That kid was me and the game was Space Invader! So you can say that I have been gaming Since Spacies or just ...Since Spacies for short! I actually saw the expression being used by some dude in a chat forum saying that “his old lady had been play video games since spacies”. I was looking for a motto to use on my Xbox 360 a

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  7. Friday Streamer Feature - NatoPotato


    This week we spoke to NatoPotato, NatoPotato has been a long time AKFam member and we are so pleased to be able to feature him. NatoPotato is hilarious, and we think he even gives Shaggy_Steve a run for his money in regards to his epic stache. 

    Origin of gamer name:

    The story begins back in the summer of 2013 after a hard night out playing shows with my old band and possibly after a few too many “happy” drinks. I awoke the next morning in a daze and with a splitting headache, probably from all that headbanging no doubt. I stumbled my way into the kitchen to find my mum making breakfast and the first thing she said was “Good morning NatoPotato!” It took a little bit for it to sink in but eventually, it hit me, “NatoPotato” that’s a fantastic name! From that day I vowed

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  8. Friday Streamer Feature - SuzzieJacuzzi

    This week we feature one of our newer AKFam members - SuzzieJacuzzi

    Origins of your gamer name:

    I started gaming as a Christmas Black Ops 1 noob - originally going by the name ‘theno0bdotcom’ - after playing on Black Ops 2 map “Hijacked” a heap, and spending most of the map camping in the “jacuzzi’s” the boys I was playing with at the time came up with the name “SuzzieJacuzzi” and it’s stuck ever since... 

    What influenced you to stream?

    Watching one of my long-time online friends “ZombieslvBacon” stream &

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  9. Friday Streamer Feature - peachpotion_

    This week we have had the pleasure of asking one of our latest AKFam members - peachpotion a few questions about her streaming career. 

    The Origins of Peachpotion's Gamer Names:

    For the longest time I was known as Robotlicious, this was not only long-winded but mispronounced as "Robotolicious" by pretty much everyone. For this reason, I bounced between a lot of different trials, a lot based around my hair colour and love of animals (eg. FoxHair Fire") but I never felt overly connected or attached to any. When I finally decided I wanted to stream and focus a lot more on my gaming alias I decided to re-brand and had to put a lot of thought into what I wanted to change to. Ultimately Peachpotion came from the time I lived in Japan for 6 months - I was obsessed with all of their peach flavoured drinks!

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  10. Friday Streamer Feature - AngryWolf6

    This week we are featuring one of our community members - ANGRYWOLF6

    Origins of Name:

    My name originated from my Gamertag back on the Xbox360, I first had it as AngerWolf6 because I misspelled 'AngryWolf6' and changed it a day later. When I started streaming I just stuck with the name as it was easier to find me on Xbox with the same name as Twitch.
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