Feature Streamer - CrazyGamer

The Origins of Your Gamer Tag/Name:

CG: Not the most exciting story. My first gamer tag was Dogma. This was back when I was playing the original CS. I used that name for 5-6 years. I can't remember what game it was but Dogma was taken so I changed to Prime. Again I used this gamer tag for 5-6 years across various games. I started playing an iOS game "War of Nations". Prime was taken so I used the name Crazy88 after the Kill Bill movies. After I finished playing that game I dropped the 88 but "Crazy" was taken across almost every game and platform so added Gamer (or something variation of that). Been using the CrazyGamer Tag ever since.

What are you currently playing?:

CG: I'm currently playing World of Warcraft but have been taking a break until the next expansion "Shadowlands" that should drop later this year. I play games with my children including Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. Other than that I play the occasional games of Overwatch.

Top tips for new and existing streamers:

CG: Tips for other streamers. I would have to say be yourself. Don't try to copy or become your favourite streamer. I will just come across as fake, forced, and most times awkward.

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