Feature Streamer - MissCanon

The Origins of Your Gamer Tag/Name:

I had just got a new Xbox360 for Christmas and I had no idea what or how to make a Gamer tag. I sat there for a while, looked around the room for inspiration. We lived out bush at the time so we have the little 3G portal modem, which was called a ' 'Next Ultimate 3G' i also had a small photography business on the side. The two were put together to create 'UltimateCanon' on Xbox. When I first discovered Twitch, I took the name 'MissUltimateCanon'.

What are you currently playing?:

Now that Mixer has made us move home, we made our way back over to Twitch, the transition back has seen variety streaming, all the easier. Plenty of more like-minded game players. At the moment in rotation, Sea of Thieves, The Forest, Fortnite, Minecraft, TheSims4, unrailed, and the occasional 'Just chatting' with meme's galore.

Top tips for new and existing streamers:

Be Y O U R S E L F. Understandably, everyone wants to ' make it', but just remember that games are meant to be FUN! Play the games YOU want to play, people will be drawn to passion or knowledge of a game that they can see you really enjoy, everyone looks for a connection or common ground. Talk to your chat, it's a hard new skill to master when you first start out, but you will get used to it in no time. Make a Schedule and try your hardest to stick with it. Make a social or two, where can people find you offline and get updates?

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