Feature Streamer - Miss Zangz

The Origins of Your Gamer Tag/Name:

I used to get called Zangz in High School (a nickname because of my last name) and so I just adopted that!


What are you currently playing?:

I’m currently playing World of Warcraft and have been for the past 16 years or so! I also love to play Zelda (BotW currently but also LOVE revisiting previous ones), Pokémon Shield/Go, Minecraft plus many more. 


Top tips for new and existing streamers:

I would say the best thing is to stay consistent with any content you are creating. The more you create and express yourself and stay engaged with your audience, the more successful you will become. But don’t overload yourself and get too stressed out, keep it fun!


Social links:

Instagram - @miss_zangz

YouTube - ASMR with Miss Zangz

Facebook - Miss Zangz