The Origins of Our Gamer Names:

MrNightlife: My First ever Gaming Name was Gavman1991 and I had that for a long time growing up. I even used it for my first few months streaming on Xbox when I first started. When I founded Nightlifecrew in 2016 as a Gaming Community however I switched to that as a name. As time went on however Nightlifecrew started to expand into a content creation team as well and so it was not obviously going to make sense having our team called Nightlifecrew and also me. So I pitched the challenge to my community and said what should we know rebrand as. They brought their best ones and voted and so formed MrNightlife which sounded catchy and I liked it.

XoMazzy: Similar to MrNightlife (MNL) - my first Gamertag was MazMan1407, Maz has been a nickname of mine since 07', then when I started off on Twitch, my name changed to Mazzymazmaz but once I decided to make my move to Mixer, I had to change my name as I wanted something shorter, and at the time, I was obsessed with Gossip Girl, and that is how XoMazzy came about. Within my community and Stream Team - Mixer Comedy Crew, I'm also known as many other names like MazzichuBooBooBoogaloo, Mazuigi, and then just plain Mazzy.

What influenced you to stream?:

MrNightlife: My love for Gaming it comes down to. I remember the first Game I streamed being directly from the Xbox and it being Overwatch. Having your first few people come through was so exciting and one of my first regulars and mods was xspoofx. I remember him coming into my stream of fewer than 5 people so he had clearly scrolled a way to find me, he asked if he could join on in and I said sure. From that day on it was a daily thing and we became good friends playing an abundance of different games. The chance to do this though wouldn't be as easy however though without a gaming wife XoMazzy who also became good friends with him. The friendships you form from streaming is what you can treasure.

XoMazzy: Funnily enough, it was MrNightlife, I would watch him, and he suggested I should, based on my personality. I really only became more of a gamer once MNL and I got married, and we gamed as bonding time together. Once moving to Mixer, MNL told me to go watch this Aussie Partner on the platform named Tas7e, he was playing Fortnite and it wasn't my thing, so I caught him playing VR, and I've never laughed so much. 18 months later to today, his Community and Stream team - Mixer Comedy Crew, are now my family and filled with cherished friendships. I'm now a Community Leader for Mixer Comedy Crew and also Mixer Down Under, and on top of that, Social Media Manager and an Admin for Tas7e. The friendships from streaming are definitely what keeps me going.

What are you currently playing?:

MrNightlife: Star Wars Battlefront 2 has me hooked at the moment since its Celebration update it has been fun to get back into with mates. Escape From Tarkov I am also trying to get into but it is a hard one to learn and can be frustrating at times. I also enjoy survival games too so at the moment we have been playing The Forest with some friends and we are excited for the up and coming sequel to it. I also do not mind a few games of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Fortnite I will play with friends but it is more near the bottom. I streamed that solid for 5 seasons and felt burnt out and took a big break from it but again I don't mind jumping in from time to time to have some fun.

XoMazzy: I've found this new love for Super Animal Royale, currently being part of the Xbox Game Pass family, I've been enjoying The Witcher 3 and each month you will see me stream a different game from Game Pass. You will also catch me playing, Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, House Flipper, Cooking Simulator and lastly, my ultimate go-to game - The Sims 4.

Top tips for new and existing streamers:

MrNightlife: There is a lot of tips & tricks out there floating around for new ones. The first thing is people need to remember is that streaming is a LOT of work. Yes, it is fun but there is more to just going live and then ending a stream. So enjoy that journey because it is a journey. If your entering into streaming brand new or been at it a few months some advice I could offer is A Profile Picture Seems like the most basic tip and yet you see this a lot with so many live with no profile pictures. So put something on there that defines your brand. I recommend a picture of yourself. Create Content on Other Platforms Platform discoverability is really difficult. If your stream has let's say 5 viewers you're going to be hard to find in a directory of other streamers so utilize the other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Discord and even TikTok is the "new thing" now. Create content there and find a way to bring that audience across Schedule- Keep your schedule consistent wherever possible. This way as you build your community they know when to expect you Go Make friends On The platform-When I first started I found 2 or 3 streamers and hung out in there streams almost every day engaging with the chat and streamer. As time went on I found friends within these communities which led to finding out they also stream as did I. So definitely get out there and make some friends on the platform you stream too and learn off each other. As Streamers I feel we can always learn, even I still learn. One I recommend is the Alpha Gaming Channel. Harris and is Editor Sam have some great videos about streaming, streaming gear etc that may prove useful to some of you as it has me

XoMazzy: My tips are exactly the same as what MrNightLife has mentioned, if not following those I wouldn't be where I am. I wouldn't be working with other Amazing Content Creators and companies, helping run a Stream Team and being a Community Leader for that team. Don't expect to have everything handed on a silver platter, streaming has a lot of behind the scenes work, the networking, working on your own socials and stream.

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Gaming Chairs pictured: AKRacing Max Series in Purple and in Blue