The Origins of MissDeusGeek

The name actually came about because of my partner, Tom, whose online handle was ‘ThatLegendTom’. He would always be referred to as ‘the legend’, so to mess with him I decided to find a name that incorporated something greater than a legend and ‘Deus’, which means God or divine in Latin, fit the bill. ‘Deus’ also sounds similar to my initials, D.S. AND relates to the popular game, Deus Ex, as well as a notable character in an anime I enjoy, Future Diary. The ‘Miss’ was simply to show that I’m female and ‘Geek’, well I thought it best to have that since I founded and ran the pop culture brand, Attack On Geek.

What influenced you to stream?:

I was introduced to the world of streaming by Tom and some others who streamed for the Microsoft ExpertZone GameMasters programme. As someone who had never played games online and with others before, yet alone broadcast my gaming while having strangers interact with me, it was a whole new world that looked so interesting. Shortly after that, I was invited to stream for Microsoft and ran my own weekly segment for the ExpertZone Xbox NZ channel.

The experience was incredible! I loved playing games like ‘Overwatch’ with others and being able to meet and interact with so many incredible people from all over the world, who shared in my love and passions for pop culture and games. It was really that interactivity and connectivity with so many wonderful people, and being part of the global Xbox family that led me to kick off my own streams, work hard to become New Zealand’s 1st female Mixer partner (though given recent news, I’ve now had to start fresh on Twitch) and well, the rest is history.


What are you currently playing?

I’m very much a variety gamer. I play all sorts (except strategy and sports games!!) and I tend to find myself enjoying story-based, action-adventure, and shooter titles. However, I’ve recently discovered Animal Crossing and have been obsessively updating my island and selling turnips on ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’.


Top tips for new and existing streamers:

Streaming success does not happen overnight and is a long term game, so having patience is vital, as is having the determination to get back up each time you may fall. It’s incredibly important to stream games that you enjoy and have fun while doing so, as it’s often very obvious to viewers if you aren’t enjoying yourself.


If you’re looking to grow and retain an audience, having a schedule, and being consistent is also key. For me, personally, the one thing I’ve had to learn and incorporate into my content creation is trial and error. If something isn’t working, keep trying new things, watch other streamers to get ideas on where you can improve, and also re-watch your VODs to identify gaps or areas of improvement. Most important of all, learn to laugh at yourself. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to experience frustration and feelings of demotivation and that’s completely okay and is absolutely normal. Try not to take yourself too seriously and just have fun!


From a professional standpoint, if streaming is something you’re looking to do full-time and become your main source of income, be sure to treat it like a business. Be professional in how you conduct yourself, network with others in the industry by getting involved in the community, attend conventions, and introduce yourself to others, have business cards, etc. Hustling (working long hours, sending content pitches, and the like) and being able to overcome rejection is going to be crucial. If streaming is your job, you’ll have to treat it like one.


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Gaming Chair pictured - AKRacing Wolf Series (Purple)