Hello AK Fam, welcome to this week’s installment of Friday Streamer Feature.

This week we speak to one of our OG AKRacing affiliates Miggiato.

We were fortunate enough to meet the beautiful Miggiato back at Pax 2017 and unfortunately haven't crossed paths again. Have a read below to learn more about Miggiato and catch her stream.

Origins of Gamer tag/name Miggiato

M:Origin of my name. When I was thinking of a name I didn't want it to be anything girly (which is my personal preference) I wanted something short, memorable, easy to use and something that would also reflect me. If it wasn't going to about snacks it would be about coffee lol so I mixed a coffee drink with part of my last name.

Macchiato + Miguel = Miggiato

What Influenced you to stream?

M: I've always wanted to stream, to be honest, it was something I've always wanted to do. After a lot of thinking/soul searching I decided to focus on me, what I wanted to do in life, career-wise and came to the conclusion it was gaming, so I went for it. I wanted to get into a "gaming career" and started off streaming and it all grew from there. Since becoming a streamer, I was then fortunate enough to land a job working with a website to review games, become a presenter/host, create video content and attend media events.

Experience in working with brands:

M: I've been lucky enough to be able to work with quite a few diverse brands, paid and unpaid. I'm always honored when they do contact me and want to do work with me.

Some of the brands I've worked with are: AKRacing of course as an affiliate, PlayStation, Bethesda, Ubisoft, HyperX, Samsung, Shadowverse and Nanoleaf to name a few.

What Games are you currently playing:

M: Currently, the two games I am mainly playing at the moment is Rainbow Six and re-completing an old school RPG Final Fantasy 9. I'm very much a variety streamer. I try to pick up new games for the stream to showcase and review on the fly, and whatever interests me. 

Top Tips for NEW & Existing Streamers:

  • You don't need the best equipment or the most expensive when first starting off. Be consistent when streaming, don't get discouraged on numbers, and when you are able to upgrade things one at a time.
  • Build a community you would be proud of, always remember that no matter how famous you get you wouldn't be anywhere without hard work and the community who believes in you and supports the content you create.
  • Mod people who you trust, understand you and your type of stream. They'll be able to keep the chat going, know how and when to handle questions or trolls.
  • Leave lurkers alone lol, dont call them out, they're lurking for a reason.
  • A partnership would be amazing and it is still a goal of mine, but don't think that you can't work with brands or do amazing things without it. If anything, I am an example of what you can do and achieve without partnership. Be genuine and consistent, don't be entitled and brands will notice you.


Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/miggiato   


Twitter: @Miggiato



https://www.youtube.com/user/themiggiato/videos - bit neglected at the moment but I have plans in the works to create more vids soon.