The Origins of Plodski:

So, because I walk with a slight trudge and am known to never give up ever, Plodding along is what I do without ever yielding to anything or anyone without a great personal toll to myself (sleep is a foreign concept to me).

The Ski part is from the fact apparently my Russian accent I can put on is pretty good and people seem to enjoy it (it so happens that Plodski is a polish last name which has led to several amusing conversations with polish people coming into my channel)

What influenced you to stream?:

Started off with watching twitch years ago during the Metal Gear Solid 5 release Speedrun stream that Konami had setup with the whole series leading up to the worldwide release (how the mighty have fallen) and I was like “wow I could do that”, I was pretty pumped but then life got in the way as per usual.

It would be another 2 years till I checked twitch again and hung out with a Streamer who was playing FF7 and Journey (sadly she doesn’t stream anymore) when I thought “I feel like I could do this even with my busy work schedule” and here we are.

What are you currently playing?:

Currently, the main thing I’m doing on my channel is playing the Metal Gear series in chronological order with restrictions that I must complete each one in a pacifist matter (little to no deaths).

I usually play single-player games that take my fancy (Death Stranding and BOTW at this point of time), multiplayer games such as Overwatch and Apex Legends and retro games (with actual hardware when I can use it).

Top tips for new and existing streamers:

-Turn off all counters (viewers, subs, followers, everything) this may be hard to do at the start but when you get more used to the swing of things, numbers won’t really seem to matter to you (yes I still sometimes look at the numbers and I’m not exempt either from this).

-Be you, no need to put a mask on (except if that’s your thing), people can usually see right through malarkey so be genuine. If you’re extremely tired and not feeling energetic, don’t put on a fake smile and scream buzzwords and get hyped, you’ll do more harm than good.

-Play what you want to play, you’ll definitely have more fun and you don’t know, you might find some like-minded peeps who want to join your community!

-Work with what you have, got an amazing kitchen behind you? Try showing off that bad boy, if you have models and books on display? Try getting them in the frame! Showing your interests and passion makes you seem like a more rounded other than “streamer who plays games.

Gaming Chair pictured - AKRacing Purple Max Series