This week we feature long time AKRacing Fam Member - Tamsin Wood. You've probably seen Tamsin pop up in your timeline for all things gaming, but recently we've noticed her Health Kick and we are so happy to see her doing so well with her challenges.

Origins of Gamer tag/name:

TW: Tamsin Wood is my name!

What influenced you to stream?

TW: Before I began streaming I would often play Destiny with my friends, usually raiding while having a great time laughing and creating friendships. I wanted others to be a part of the fun and experience just how great Destiny could be.

Experience in working with brands:

TW: Recently I became partnered with Gamersupps which made me so happy as I love their products so much! Gamersupps GG is an energy drink for gamers formulated to help you feel focused and alert for hours without any negative side effects. Also I recently showcased a new Action RPG called Pagan Online on the Twitch ANZ Front Page.

Top Tips:

TW: They may sound cliché but these tips are important!

  • Be Consistent! – Even if it’s only one day a week that you can commit to and you set aside a time each day, Stick to it! That’s how you create a community. 

  • Put the time in the beginning for your brand! – I’m not talking about spending a lot of money on graphics. But make sure you have the basics: panels, an about me, a banner, a Twitter profile, Discord. Most importantly make sure the audio and video of your stream are an acceptable quality for people to watch! Remember first impressions last and if people can’t watch your stream because it’s buffering or your audio is breaking up they probably won’t come back. 

  • Play with friends! – When first streaming it can be hard having a quiet chat (and you will have times like these in the future as you grow). To avoid having that awkward silence, play with friends to make sure there is always a conversation. (These friends don’t have to be streamers either) 

  • Have a reason for streaming and stay true to yourself – this goes for new and established streamers. I find that when you’re having a hard time or you feel like your stream isn’t doing so well or you may just feel ‘stuck’; Look back at why you were originally happy to just start your stream with zero viewers. Why did you begin in the first place. Stay true. 

  • Look after your physical and mental health! I always say that streaming can be like a drug. It’s extremely addictive and comes with its high highs and low lows. 

Through streaming, I have been able to meet lifelong friends and traveled the world. And for that, I am forever grateful.




Twitter: @tamsinwood92