This week we speak to The Real El Doucho, The Real El Doucho has been an AKFam member for quite some time and loves to rep our chairs! Check out what he is currently up to and where to catch his Twitch stream.

Origins of Name:

TRED: Here's a bit of a history lesson with the Doucho on the origin of my name (and before) - before my Twitch/PC days I used to play on PS4. I was known as King SC5S since I owned a 2005 Honda Integra Type S, coming into PC Gaming I thought I'd leave that chapter behind as I sold my car. One day I was atching the Netflix Series "El Chapo" and thought to myself having El at the front of my name would be pretty funny (At this stage my name was Douchebag69 for a bit of a meme). Over the weeks I was juggling the decision of the name and what would be funny yet decent to use, I came to the conclusion El Doucho is the one! I'm not a douche in real life I just thought it would be funny having this as a name - on a plus side people can't call me a douche cos I already did! 

What influenced you to stream: 

TRED:What influenced me to stream is making people happy and providing the entertainment to a community that is overseen and judged quite significantly. In my primary and high school days, there were times where I felt down and alone and all I could do was play my Xbox which made me happy. I still remember the feeling, it did hurt however, the hurt that I had has turned into something positive. When my viewers come into my stream saying they've had a bad day I do my best to make them feel happy and get their mind off things, you don't know maybe your words can change someones thought on life at that point in time. There's a lot that we as streamers can do to influence the audience and have a positive impact on society, we need to utilize our platform to help a positive change. We all have one common love and that's for gaming if we have something mutual that we love it brings everyone together, seeing that this is why I got into streaming and a portion of the reason I started to stream!


Experience in Working with Brands:

TRED: Unfortunately I've had no experience or opportunities to work with brands, I do hope one day I'll be able to have the privilege to represent a company! I'm open to any opportunity to get my foot in the door and be a proud representative! So... if ya'll looking for a funny dude, I'm the one for you! 


What Games are you currently playing:

TRED:The games I'm currently playing is.... wait for it... Fortnite! Who would have thought right? Rust, Minecraft, The Forest, CSGO, House Flipper and Rocket League are some of the games I play. I'm open to variety games just find it hard finding the right one for the community to enjoy, Please help! I enjoy cooking on stream with Mrs Doucho as well, even though that's not a game it's something I do on stream!


Top Tips for New & Existing Streamers:

I've got 6 main points that I follow and recommend;


No 1: Be yourself, people want to know you for you. Don't try to mimic other streamers, your followers appreciate your personality!


No 2: Viewer engagement! Host weekly viewer/follower/subscriber games, your fans want to game with you. Read chat, try to remember who each follower is and what they like! Get personal with them, they are your friends!


No 3: Have fun doing it! Don't have the mindset you'll make money straight away and get famous! It will take time and it is a journey you want to appreciate and absorb cause if you do it right you'll look back and see what you've accomplished!


No 4: Have a fixed Schedule and be consistent! Being consistent will help you grow significantly if you're doing it the same time and day every week people can tell their family/friends about it and tell them the time and day of your next stream. Using all social media platforms to announce your stream will also be beneficial for your channel. Promote the crap out of it, don't be embarrassed about what you do! 


No 5: Equipment, you don't need a $5000+ computer to stream, I know streamers using a laptop. Over time and the more you get involved in streaming you will find items you'll need to help improve the quality. It's baby steps, watch Youtube tutorials on what to use in terms of software OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS etc.


No 6: Mix up your game genres, a lot of people do enjoy watching certain games however your followers will enjoy watching something different, it's refreshing for your viewers and yourself. When I play Fortnite for a certain period of time it does annoy me and kinda triggers me, I go on and play House Flipper! It's actually very relaxing and does help me regain my sanity LOL!


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