Chair Size Guide

AKRacing’s gaming chairs come in multiple sizes, choosing the chair that is best suited to your body will give you the most out of the chair.

  K7012 Nitro Premium V2 
Pro x
Player Overture
A. Shoulder Width 545mm  560mm 575mm 610mm 615mm 580mm
B. Lower Back Width 510mm 530mm 520mm 590mm 575mm 520mm
C. Seat Inner Width 400mm 405mm 395mm 410mm 395mm 410mm
D. Overall Back Height 840mm 850mm 855mm 860mm 860mm 950mm
E. Overall Seat Depth 510mm 510mm 510mm 560mm 520mm 510mm
F. Floor To Seat Height (Approximately) 450-550mm 430-510mm 420-500mm 480-560mm 430-520mm 360-410mm
G. Arm Rest Height 280-355mm 280-355mm 280-355mm 280-355mm 280-355mm 280-355mm
Height Guide Upto 190cm  Upto 190cm  190cm+ Upto 190cm  190cm+ 190cm+
Maximum Weight 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg

*The measurements above are approximate and should only be used as a guide.