eSports & Gaming Community


Since AKRacing's inception in 2015 into the Australian market, AKRacing has been proudly supporting the Australian eSports and the Gaming Community and will continue to do so, making AKRacing much more than just a quality Gaming Chair and Desk manufacturer!


With a HUGE focus on community, AKRacing continues to be one of the most approachable companies online. AKRacing fosters a safe and fun community, where fellow AKRacing chair lovers can interact and get involved in new projects. A great number of successful companies tend to lose sight after huge growth of the important things that make up their business, i.e the customer. AKRacing completely understands the importance of our online eSports and Gaming community. Therefore, the team at AKRacing have made it their mission to ensure that the community always feels appreciated.


AKRacing appreciates and rewards outstanding, dedicated and striving advocates in the forms of products and sponsorships. These programs ensure that AKRacing is continually supporting the amazing content creators, teams, players, and organizations that align with their core values and essentially help grow the amazing eSports and Gaming industry in Australia to be bigger and better.