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AKRacing officially sponsors the following eSports team ORACLE EMPYRE and Gaming Podcast duo YOU GAME BRO?.





Oracle Empyre started out as 2 separate organisations being Oracle ESC and Empyre eSports, Both organisations have competed in Various CG 4s and 5s Call of Duty Competitions, with notable Placings with Empyre picking up a Top 8 placing as well as Oracle ESC finishing runners up in the CWL Sydney 2 LAN, also Empyre eSports finishing 3rd at CWL Melbourne and just missing out on qualifying for COD Champs.


Oracle Empyre have a Professional H1Z1 5s team. As well as a CSGO Team, Various YouTube personalities and Twitch Streamers.


The goals we hope to achieve are definitely being noted as one of the top Ranking Organisations in the APAC Region over all Platforms and also providing great content for the region.


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You Game Bro? Podcast is a Australian Podcast hosted by Adam "Pez" Perry. The Goal of the podcast is to bring you some of Australia's most talented gaming personalities and have a entertain you and possibly inspire more people to get out there and join the industry.



Twitter @Pez_Bro

The Founder and Host of You Game Bro? Pez is just your every day gamer. Born as a SEGA child in the 80's, times were tough for young Pez growing up as everyone at his school were Nintendo fans. After living through countless console wars, seeing new Generations raise and fall, he still holding on to his gaming beliefs that Breath of Fire 3 is the best RPG of time. 




Twitter @MrMattyMouse

The Co-host of the podcast, Industry Intern at MCV Pacific, Matty brings a "Professional" touch to the podcast. Lover of UFC, RPG's and telling it how it is.





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