What is the difference between &


We hope that this summary will help clarify any confusion caused by the two websites. Whether you place your order via or, your orders will be dispatched by the same warehouse.

Our original business name was DXracer Australia, which branded products were sold on our website, over time management decided to discontinue the entire Dx-Racer range and shifted to our current brand Ak-Racing to be stocked on both websites.
This resulted in a new website being created in order to create a new brand identity and reach a new market, whilst still keeping our original Dx-Racer website.

What Is The Main Difference Between Series?

We currently have 11 different Ak-Racing Series listed on both websites.
You will probably notice that some series look very similar to another series but can't quite put your finger on what the difference is...

Mostly colours and patterns are what set two similar looking series apart.

Octane & Nitro Series are both similar in design but are differentiated by the colour range and pattern and are both PU Leather.

Octane Colours Available: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red & White.

Nitro Colours Available: White, Red, Orange, Green & Blue.

K7012 & Prime Series are both Fabric chairs and are only differentiated by the colour pattern.

K7012 Colours Available: Black, Black Blue, Black Green & Black Red.

Prime Colours Available: Black Blue, Black Green, Black Orange & Black Red.

Rush & Player Series are both PU Leather chairs with the main change in design of colours and patterns, one being an arrow pattern and another being linear - vertically.

Rush Colours Available: Black Blue, Black Brown, Black Red & Black White.

Player Colours Available: Blue, Orange, White, Red, Green & Pink.

Premium Plus & Premium V2 Series are both very similar with just colour and pattern differentiating the two series.

Premium Plus Colours Available: Blue, Green, Orange & Red.

Premium V2 Colours Available: Carbon Black, Black & White.

The other series that are not listed on here have no similar styles of chairs to be compared against, please compare these by checking out our "How to choose a gaming chair" guide.

Does My Chair Come With The Headrest Cushion + Lumbar Support Attachments?

Yes, all Ak-Racing chairs will be supplied with a headrest cushion & lumbar support attachment. These will be provided in the same colour scheme as the chair you have purchased and unfortunately cannot be swapped for a different colour.

Please see our video on how to correctly attach these cushions to your chair here.


Approx. Delivery Times

We offer free TNT Road Express shipping with all Ak-Racing Chairs, please bear in mind we try our very best to get these to you as soon as possible but with all things there can be delays. Please see approximate delivery times below.

NSW Metro:
1-3 Business Days

NSW: 2- 4 Business Days
QLD: 1-3 Business Days
VIC: 1-3 Business Days
SA: 2-4 Business Days
NT : 4-7 Business Days
WA: 5-7 Days

Need your chair sooner? Contact us - either by giving us a call on (02) 9545 0532 or email

Please Note: These delivery times are only approximate and we cannot guarantee your chairs will arrive in the specified approx. delivery time frame.

Festive periods may cause a delay in the approximate delivery times outlined above.

My Order Is Placed On Back Order, When Will I Receive My Order?

If you notice a particular chair you would like to order is placed on back order please contact us first to receive an approximate ETA by either calling (02) 9545 0532 or emailing

If you have already ordered your chair and are wondering what the status of your order is, our sales team can provide you with notifications of the complete process.
Simply email with your order number and will give you an approximate idea of when your chair will arrive at our warehouse and then again when your chair has left our warehouse and enroute the address you have provided.
Please be aware that we can only give you approximate time frames as our shipping containers can be delayed by customs (and although this is a rare occurrence, it can delay the whole process for everyone involved).

Warranty Claims

Please refer to our Warranty Section!

In a nutshell, each case will be assessed by a warranty claim representative. Email to contact one of our warranty claim representatives before shipping back your chair in order for your warranty to be valid.
Warranty is not valid for general wear and tear to fabric and PU leather chairs. The base of the chair and parts are covered by a 2 year warranty period, where an original copy of your invoice will be required.
If you receive your chair in an unsatisfactory/faulty way, in which no fault is your own, please contact us straight away so we can try to resolve the issue as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Here at Ak-Racing we do not accept returns for change of mind purchases, we can offer a store credit, but this will have to be assessed by one of sales representatives. Please do not send back your chair without speaking to someone first as this will result in a non-refund for the whole amount.

My Chair Arrived But It Looks Like Some Screws Are Missing?

The Ak-Racing manufacturing process means that there are 8 screws that are already pre-screwed into the base (4 screws) and both sides of backrest (2 screws each side). This allows for easy assembling and ensures that screws and nuts will not be lost in the box.

Does My Chair Come Already Assembled?

No, due to the size and dimensions of the chair


We currently are sponsoring a few E-Sport teams at the moment, so we are not looking at forming any new partnerships/sponsorships at the present moment.

Do We Have A Showroom?

Yes, our showroom is located in Kirrawee, NSW (Southern Sydney) - 101-103 Bath Rd, Kirrawee, NSW, 2232. You are most welcome to come and check out all our series for yourself. If you do not live in Sydney, NSW - we recommend that you check out the locations of our authorised Resellers

Can I Pick Up My Chair?

You can opt to choose pick up from our warehouse located in Kirrawee as an option when proceeding through the checkout. If you wish to organise pick up from another state we recommend that you purchase directly from your closest Reseller.